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12 Future-focused Podcasts That Will Spark Your Next Innovation Idea

Podcast - Mic

Top five, top ten, top 100. Everyone is looking for the best conduit of information. But is this a myth?  Originally, I had planned to share only the top five innovation podcasts. After relentless listening and reading, dozens of ‘top’ lists one thing was clear, finding the best is an impossible task in a sea of amazing content.

Instead, I offer you this. Scan these 12 sources of information and find the tone and topic that appeals to your current state of mind. 

Like innovation ideas, great podcasts are best when shared with your inner circle. If you love them, subscribe and tell someone.

1. NPR’s How I Built This

Do you remember that party game? “If you could invite anyone to dinner, dead or alive, who would you invite?” Well, this podcast has the feel of a dinner chat with the most innovative makers of our time. It’s informative, inspiring, and personal. How I Built This takes us behind-the-scenes letting the innovators tell their story most delightfully.

2. A16Z podcast

Technology and culture meet here. The A16Z podcast takes the conversation that follows the words “Did you hear that…” and dives in deep with the people excited about living on the cutting edge.  It features business leaders and technology experts. It will get you thinking about the road ahead.

3. Future Squared

If you have already created something wonderful and are ready to move your invention forward it may be time for Future Squared.  Beyond the idea stage, this podcast looks at the business side. In an information-driven interview-style, It brings entrepreneurs to share their insights. It will guide your next entrepreneurial steps.

4. Innovation Hub 

It’s hard to frequent the innovation podcast top lists and not stumble on the Innovation Hub podcast.  It has an expertly edited mix of commentary, audio clips for flavour, and features with creative thinkers that tend to work among projects you may have heard about. You really feel as if you are peeking behind the curtain. Sit back and just take it in. 

5. EUvation

For a local spin on innovation, covering the topics that matter to the European Union, EUvation covers events, local culture and the technology that we rely on in our daily existence. With the background hum of conferences and an intimate discussion between expert and curious minds, the host really feels connected. Is it Inspiring? Well, that’s up to you to determine. There are only a few episodes but it has a strong start and an interesting mix of guests that are shaping the technology close to home for an impact on the global community. 

6. FYI – For Your Innovation

Are you ready to invest in technology? This podcast covers many of the markets newest innovations each looking for profitable investment. Once you get past the lengthy legal that starts up the podcast you’ll receive all the important historical and cultural data points that you may want to consider before partnering with modern growth industries.  Got ideas? Check out the many industry topics on this page. Got time or money to invest? This podcast is a must for your first wave of research. 

7. Innovation Now

As a national aerospace collaboration with NASA, Innovation Now asks you to put your science hat on. Someone looked to space and asked the questions “What if?” If this is you I can’t imagine a better podcast for understanding all of the specialties and innovations needed to make space understanding a reality. It’s fascinating, even if the Tom Hanks movie Apollo 13 is your only connection to worlds beyond.

8. Mastering Innovation

Speaking to tech entrepreneurs this podcast talks about how technology is impacting lives. It asks questions and endures to bring guests that have a unique perspective.  Machine learning, pea proteins, and non-profits with 24-hour AI-driven consulting services. This podcast touches on every genre and is a feast for the curious mind. 

9. Innovation Overground 

If you consider yourself a student of innovation and thrive on discussions that feel more like a friendly conversation, you will love the tone and rhythm of Innovation Overground. Packed with thought leaders, investigating the newest trends in culture technologies, there is nothing pretentious to distract you from these interesting investigations, conversations, and trending topics. Your attention will not wander as current innovations often circumnavigate the topic to provide a view from many interesting angles. 

10. Innovation Crush

Time to be entertained. The Innovation crush host works hard to bring together guests, sometimes celebrities at the top of their innovation game. If inspiration is your goal then this looks at the people, conversations, “who-to-know” and “what-to-know” surrounding some of the innovations you may not have heard about, but perhaps you should. It has a mashup feel that reminds me to sit back and laugh a little. Very, very conversational, full of tangents and utterly fun. 

11. The Creative Life Podcast: Creativity, Innovation and Inspiring Ideas | James Taylor

The Creative Life process thrives best among different views. If your creative process needs a digital kick then The Creative life Podcast will offer just that. Not just the technology, but the tips and stories will accelerate your work and connect you to a thriving world with people focus.  What do you need to explore the entrepreneurial process? This collection of innovators have hit the wall and persevered to crash through it leaving a path for those behind them.


12. Killer Innovations with Phil McKinney

Consider this podcast as your idea tool kit.  Need a better workflow? It’s got it. Need a Team Ideation? It’s got it. Want a list of innovation fails to learn from? It’s got that too. The tone may feel a little preachy compared to the interviews but the tools are really productive and based on experience. It will help you get organized and get to work.

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