The 3 good reasons why innovation matters are creativity, solution, and disruption. Now, this is just from one standpoint, there may be actually thousand plus reasons why to innovate. And, since you are reading this, innovation probably means a great deal to you. The thing is that we are not always aware of how innovation is present in our lives. Here we explain our 3 reasons:


Innovation is a creative process. The result of this process can either be something entirely new or even a simple connection of dots. In both cases, it leads to the discovery of new possibilitiesTo innovate means to break free from standard patterns of perception, to take a fresh look at reality, and to welcome different perspectives along the way.


Innovation often becomes a solution to a specific problem. Actually, problems and inefficiencies are a great inspiration for innovation. The need for change brings new tools or settings, potentially revolutionary or simply better than the old ones. Then we can talk about incremental innovation, the continuous pursuit for improvement.


The seed for an innovation process is usually clear, its final result is the real mystery. If you want to really step into the game of innovation, you cannot become too attached to expected outcomes. Sometimes the best solution is born in totally unexpected ways. Finally, you could truly fail to tackle your initial problem, but the end result could even disrupt the answers for a different problem.

These are our 3 reasons why innovation matters. This is just a freckle of the innovation universe, from one subjective perception. It is not an absolute truth, but a light for discussion around the importance of innovation. What is your view on innovation? What does it mean for you personally? Have you considered the role it plays in your job, in your society and culture?

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