Bill Gates once said that “The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” What if it’s becoming a city centre instead? That’s the question that smart cities are here to answer. Smart cities are municipalities infused with ‘smart’ technologies to enhance infrastructure and overall qualityRead More →

Back in November 2018, Innovation Walk had the pleasure to interview Vlad Dumitrescu-Petrică, co-founder of REframe. Originally from Bucharest (Romania), Vlad teaches this creative thinking concept inspired by personal development, psychology, and renowned creative minds. Check out our conversation to discover more about the REframe workshop and Vlad’s perspective on creativity and innovation.Read More →

The 3 good reasons why innovation matters are creativity, solution, and disruption. Now, this is just from one standpoint, there may be actually thousand plus reasons why to innovate. And, since you are reading this, innovation probably means a great deal to you. The thing is that we are not always aware of how innovationRead More →