October 25


09:30 am - 07:30 pm

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Movistar Centre

16 Plaça de Catalunya, 08002 Barcelona

Barcelona, CT, ES, 08002

Not A Conference, More of An Event


A Tour of Innovators

Started in Istanbul, visiting all major innovation hubs in the world before colonizing in new planets! 3 Cities in less than 2 years: Istanbul, London and Next Stop is Barcelona

Not A Conference

Break your thinking patterns to open innovation processes through our participatory concept, interactive labs, experimental format and inspiring talks. Join an interdisciplinary crowd of future thinkers, creative minds and collaborate on new ideas.

More of An Event

Join innovatours, to experience a new generation of innovation event. Enjoy innovatours’ unique concept with interactive, creative, and experimental labs along with inspiring talks and many activities during an intensive, unforgettable day. Rather than hundreds bold notes, you’ll be eye-to-eye with some of the world’s leading innovative minds.


One of distinguished points of innovatours is its’ hands-on Labs. You will learn most effective innovation and design approaches in 6 different labs all day long:

  • Design Lab
  • Startup Lab
  • Creativity Lab
  • Growth Lab
  • Demo Lab
  • Game Lab

25+ Global Speakers

Gain valuable insights, new perspectives and inspiring ideas. Thanks to our 25+ interdisciplinary and international speakers.

Innovation Tools & Methods

Learn new innovation tools/methods and new ways of innovating through innovatours’ hands-on Labs. Go from ideas to tangible outcomes/solutions and develop your skills in our thematic workshops.

New Perspectives

Develop new perspectives by meeting and engaging with a diversity of people, backgrounds and experiences. Question, think and collaborate for break through innovations and changes.

Fun Activities

Having fun is at the core of innovatours’ soul. Relax and experience activities on and off the innovatours’ grounds. Combine mindfulness and art, sweat off stress with city tour, culture spots, innovatours party and our demo labs.


Connect with next generation innovators, future leaders, changer makers, creative minds and 250 distinguished participants from diverse and cross-industry backgrounds.


Find out new ideas and discover new trends by engaging in our sessions from some of the world’s most leading speakers. Get inspired through unlikely experiences, activities and interactions.

A Global, Experiential Innovation Event FOR

  • Innovators
  • Designers
  • Entrepreneurs/Startups
  • Investors
  • Business Professionals
  • Artists

THEMES in Barcelona

  1. Fashion Innovation & Luxury
  2. Food Innovation & Artisanal Industry
  3. Media & Creativity
  4. Future Cities & Mobility

**Importan**: innovatours are organized by many volunteers around the world. Profit is not priority. However, your support and contribution is key to make it sustainable.

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