SkillValue x Wild Code School


Second Home Spitalfields

68 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5JL

London, England, GB, E1 5JL

Do you have a startup project? Test the waters using an MVP!

An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) allows you to pilot your idea using a limited amount of resources (time & money). By starting off with an MVP, you will be able to identify if there is interest in your target market and potential clients for your digital product.

During this meetup Eric Gouin, CEO of Pentalabbs and SkillValue, will explain why and how to build your MVP.

He will also share the pros & cons of:
– Financing your MVP through Finamatic & SkillValue
– Manufacturing your MVP by leveraging complementary solutions powered by SkillValue & Pentalog Software Factory (freelancing, recruitment & outsourcing)

Further details about The Pentalog Group–
Pentalog is an Agile Tech & Marketing service partner for startups and software publishers (1,000 IT specialists, 3 continents). The Pentalog digital service platform is:
– SkillValue -> European leader in IT skill assessment solutions (300,000 developers assessed, 500 IT recruitments/year, 5,000+ freelance profiles validated, 100+ online hackathons organized)
– Pentalog Software Factory -> Established provider of Agile-enabled tech for startups and software publishers (1,000 IT specialists, 300 digital products delivered in 2018)
– Pentalogy Growth Factory -> Digital marketing partner helping companies achieve business growth (custom UI/UX, marketing automation, growth hacking, digital advertising solutions)
– Pentalabbs -> Funding to set up dedicated IT teams for seed/A/B series startups (27 startup investments through the tech acceleration program, 4 exits to date)

The number of available spots is limited. Please register only if you are interested in actually attending this event.

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